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Greetings! Looking for some assistance with my squash plant.  Started off great - now getting this moldy looking fungus.     Also - my tomato plant started curling today.....     Finally, my green beans - again started off great, have a couple beans growing - but now the leaves are browning & no new growth?       I live in Naples FL… (Show more)
TG Tech - Is there a way that Jive/TG integrate an online Tracking/Progress report?  Something where it has date, plant name, pH level, water level, and whatever is pertinent to healthy growth?  Being able to attach pic of progress, etc, etc would also be nice.  I thought the Calendar had that feature or something that I can input info, but it was… (Show more)
Just curious as to what "tweaks" people may be doing to their tower gardens?   IE: Adding different pumps, adding bubblers, ways to monitor water levels, nutrients etc.   I saw someone that installed a float valve that automatically triggers a valve to top off the water.   So, what are things you may be doing to improve use or monitoring of… (Show more)
I live in Alaska and would like to purchase a tower. When I check out it tells me it can not be shipped here. How do I go about getting one?
My tomatoes haven't produced any fruit flowers yet. Am I doing anything wrong or does it just take awhile? My cucumbers started to flower and I've been 'vibrating' them to help pollinate them (at least that's what I read online lol) so I'm hoping it works. Not sure if I need to do anything else.
I started my GT about one month ago and have had some results.  I added 200ml of each of the nutrient formulas at the time.  The ph is fine .  The plants are doing ok but today showing a few sign of drooping (not all of them).   They are amaranth, arugula, brussel sprouts, kale, butter crunch lettuce, radicchio   Comments, ideas?   Thanks!
I purchased a replacement submersible pump from TowerGarden, but it did not come with the hose that connects the pump to the tower, which I would also like to replace.  I don't see the hose for sale on the TG store, does anyone know where I can get the correct replacement hose?
has anyone had success with planting indoors with only grow lights,and best way to pollinate
I am new to gardening, especially tower gardening.  I live in the Houston TX area and I am looking for help on how often I should have the timer set to water my plants.  Any guidance is appreciated.  Thanks.
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