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The water in the reservoir has some kind of brown sediment in it. How do you fix that?
$28 for shipping a new ph mineral kit? UPS has much better rates than this. This highly discourages me from purchasing from here. I’m feeling robbed.
I'd like to know if anyone has heard of or used a Tower Garden without an electrical outlet nearby. A community greenhouse is being built in Africa (Kiria Kenya) and I'd like for at least one Tower Garden to be part of this project. 90% less water needed will be a great asset, but if the pump cannot be run with solar or other accessible power... … (Show more)
hi all,   I wanted to get Opinions on the new grow lights that TG has come out with - specifically for herbs such as basil, mint, thyme, cilantro, chives. wanted to see if they’re worth the priceand how well they actually work.   thanks!
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