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I am new to gardening, especially tower gardening.  I live in the Houston TX area and I am looking for help on how often I should have the timer set to water my plants.  Any guidance is appreciated.  Thanks.
has anyone had success with planting indoors with only grow lights,and best way to pollinate
Greetings, for those of you who have taken down your Tower to clean it, you might find getting all the mineral deposits and other stuff off the Tower components is a pain.  I found a solution - literally!    First place four of the Tower sections into the base of the Tower tub,  Then fill the Tower tub base with water until the sections are just… (Show more)
I live in New England and all of my tomatoes are still green. Any tips?
Hi! I'm interested in growing Chinese Greens like Bok choy, Gailan and Yu choy. How many seedlings would work well in each growth site?
I inherited 4 towers that had been disassembled. I put one together but it doesn't pump water to the top. What did I do wrong? Thanks   John
Is it possible to grow flowers in a TG indoors with the grow lights? I am a school nurse and am in charge of our 2 TGs and it seems our students are getting tired of herbs and leafy greens.  I thought I might try turning one of our towers into a flower garden. If this is possible which flowers grow best? Do I need a different nutrient solution? … (Show more)
Just curious as to what "tweaks" people may be doing to their tower gardens?   IE: Adding different pumps, adding bubblers, ways to monitor water levels, nutrients etc.   I saw someone that installed a float valve that automatically triggers a valve to top off the water.   So, what are things you may be doing to improve use or monitoring of… (Show more)
My cucumber plants are very large with very few fruit, lots of blossoms.  Should I cut them back?
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