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I am looking for an inexpensive grow light option until the Tower Garden LED lights are back in stock. I purchased seedlings so I could start using my Tower right away not knowing the LED lights wouldn't be available. I don't want to grow outside but even if I did the weather has been too cold. Things are growing okay but some things are getting… (Show more)
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My tower garden is door indoors. My question is what is the recommended amount of time on time off that the water pump should be running
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Hi All !   In case you haven't heard, this forum is being discontinued on May 14, 2018. While you wait for JP+ to announce a replacement service, I invite you to check out the Tower Gardener's User Exchange forum on Facebook. with close to 17,000 members, it's the largest Tower Garden community forum on the planet... and "growing" daily. :-)  … (Show more)
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Hello, Does anyone have recommendations on harvesting/refrigerating leaf lettuces?  I want to be able to pick the lettuce, store it and cool it down for at least 24 hours however, I  have not been able to prevent it from going limp. I understand leafy lettuces like a spring mix, spinach etc is not as sturdy as iceberg but would love to be able to… (Show more)
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Hi folks!  I have had my Tower Garden for several years and much success. The  crops I struggle with indoors are scallions and chives. Does anyone have any tips or tricks?
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Has anyone tried growing micro greens on an indoor TG? Any tips or advice? I am a school nurse and am in charge of our 2 Tower Gardens. Trying to look for some variety for the kids. TIA! ~Lisa
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I have a customer with yellowing and dry looking leaves. Any suggestions?
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I am new with the Tower Garden and I for sure don't have a green thumb... I came across a couple questions that I need help with:   1) How long does it take before I should start seeing my plants grow?  Like weeks?  Months?  I know everything is different but just curious roughly how long it would take.  I currently have my tower garden in my… (Show more)
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I recently ordered my first tower in January and was so excited to get it all up and running! Then at the end of February one of my LED lights stopped working, so it's been growing on 3 LED lights. I assumed it was a faulty bulb and had the head office send me a replacement bulb. To my disappointment the replacement bulb didn't work when I plugged… (Show more)
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I am seed planting now inside, about 5 days ago. (Mecklenburg Co., NC)   1) Out of 28 cubes with seeds, (all in one vessel) about 1/2 sprouted.  The others not yet.  Read in places to cover with dome  (mine broke) or saran wrap.  Read in other places, NOT to cover.  Which is recommended for TG?. Do I take saran off now so sprouts don't break? … (Show more)
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