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Hi guys, I'm a super new indoor grower in nyc. I purchased the tower garden indoor grow set and am doing a study on growing Chinese chrysanthemums for medicinal purposes. Does anyone have any input, advice, etc for growing these plants? do I have to pollinate them? Can I grow them next to herbs and leafy greens?!
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Just want to share this simple solution with anyone out there fighting aphids...   No matter how hard I tried - from sealing all windows to NOT opening the windows at all anywhere close to my Tower Garden - I still had an invasion of aphids this Spring. I recently got into Essential Oils, and had read how there are oils or combo's of oils that… (Show more)
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Hi, i grow indoor.  My cocumbers is anormal shape and the tomatoes leaves fall.   I don't knows when a post a picture.
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I will be away for a week and am concerned that my indoor TG may run low on water.  Could I prepare some solution in advance and store in some jugs so that my house sitter could just add it and not have to do any measuring?  I'm wondering if the PH will stay stable if the solution just sits in a jug?   
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Am I the only one getting grow lights that only work when they want to?  When I first get them up they worked fine the first day but on day two only three came on.  The trouble shoot directions said to tap the ends on the floor to fix the connection.  I did several times with no success.  Called customer service and was told it needs more than a… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am new to the Tower Garden.   I planted my first garden recently (indoors) and it is doing well after two weeks running.   Being an experimentalist, I want to add some additional nutrients to the standard Tower Garden nutrient mix.   Specifically, I want to add Humic/Fulvic Acid, trace minerals such as those found in Celtic Sea Salt,… (Show more)
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I like the new garden clips for "greens".  My question: The clips allow light into the port. The clip take up less space than the Net Pots, will this cause a problem as outline in other info.
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My gourmet lettuce is going on week 4 in the tower. It has been looking very limp for about a week. Last week I upped the water timer from 15-45 to 15-30 at another users advice. This is an indoor garden and the lights are 14 hrs. on and 10 off. The rest of the plants seem to be doing fine ( I also have arugula, bib lettuce, basil, bok choy and… (Show more)
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I am considering growing watercress in the TG, which is indoors with plenty of light and is on a 15-45 pump schedule. Does watercress grow well without a constant flow of water? Has anyone done this?  Can I get a reasonable amount from just a few ports?
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Hi everyone, this is my first post so here goes… I currently live on a farm in BC where we are prone to power outages. Sometimes this can last for a few hours, but in winter and depending on the weather conditions, it can be up to a day. Is it possible to water the Tower Garden manually and if so, what would be the maximum duration of frequency?… (Show more)
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