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Is there any way to tell when it's time to up the nutrient strength? I've had my indoor TG running for about a month and a half. It's typically around 75 degrees in my house.   At the 1 month mark I changed out the water and added full strength nutrients. 2 hours later all my plants had wilted. Ended up draining out half the water and adding just… (Show more)
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Hello!   I'm going to attempt growing tomatoes indoors. My tentative plan is to leave the tower setup as sold with the 4 blue T5 lights attached to the cage, then mount red T5 lights separate from the tower to provide light for the tomato plants that grow outside of the cage. This way most of the red light goes directly to the intended tomato… (Show more)
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I'm very new to the TG and Tower Talk.  Sorry if someone already asked this...  I have an indoor TG and half of it is currently filled with pre-grown seedlings that I ordered online.  I'm getting ready to start my own... Can I put new seeds directly into the TG?  Or can they not be exposed to direct light till I see that they have been… (Show more)
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New garden has been up and running for just over 14 days and for the last three days leaves are showing light white areas. The edges eventually turn a light brown and some of the leaves are showing some rust or or light color spots. I have been using actinovate since starting, have grow lights on 14 hours a day, PH is 6.0, nutrient solution in new… (Show more)
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Our School has a TG farm and its all running from a centralized outlet.  Recently that outlet went down for 24 hours and we lost a lot of plants.  Has anyone used a reliable backup generator that could handle such a load and be attached right at the outlet?
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I'm in north Texas where it's already in the 90s.  My tower garden is in the garage so it's a bit cooler than outside but not much.  Any suggestions on what to grow that's not just going to bolt?  My greens bolted in March when we had a warm spell. 
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Planted a Tower Garden one week ago indoors to grow 28 various and miscellaneous leafy plants (everything from the gourmet lettuce included in the kit to Tokyo Bekana Mustard and Malabar Climbing Spinach), herbs, and edible flowers, as part of a makerspace in our High School Media Center. The idea is:  1) to test the system and see what grows well… (Show more)
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Hello, I am new to Tower Garden and have just planted my first seedlings in it.  Do I need to thin any of the seedlings before putting them in the TG? The lettuce rock wools have several leaves growing in them.  Should I have only a couple, or should I leave them all in there? The seed package for Romaine says to thin to 1 when they are 1/2"… (Show more)
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My tomato plants are wilting. The other plants seem to be doing ok.  Any ideas?
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I get baby cucumbers but they don't grow and bigger and turn brown and shrivel up. The leaves are also very dry and look burnt but aren't.   I also get strands of peas and they end up dying and turning brown too.   My ph is usually 6-6.5
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