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I am new to the Tower Garden and have seedlings in most of the spots.  I am currently running the water 15 minutes each hour.  My question is: do I run the water 15 minutes per hour each hour of the day or do I run it every other hour or so?  I had someone who has grown in a horizontal hydro water system tell me that my rock wool is too wet.  How… (Show more)
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Has anyone tried growing micro greens on an indoor TG? Any tips or advice? I am a school nurse and am in charge of our 2 Tower Gardens. Trying to look for some variety for the kids. TIA! ~Lisa
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Can I fill my reservoir ahead of time and let the mixture sit until my seedlings are 3 inches tall?
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Would like your expertise: Towers growing in a green house. The water is well water. There is build up of limestone and minerals in the tower which effects the water production and pumps. Do you recommend a filter? If so what kind of fillter? Would the mineral build up impact the health of the plants and ph level? The ph is often off and needs… (Show more)
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I am a student at Reichert Catholic High School in Waco,tx. My group planted lavender, along with peppers, opal basil, marigolds, pansies, and cilantro. We planted everything on the 25 of September, and everything is growing well except for the lavender. We have the light on for 12 hours and the water is running for 15 min/hr Here is a… (Show more)
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Greetings Greenthumbs,   I am having some trouble with my tower garden. I have some plants that look wilted and some with yellow spots. I am wondering if my watering time and light time is ok. I am currently set to have my water on for 15 and off for 45 and my lights are on for 12 hours.  I have also noticed that some of my rockwool is GREEN. … (Show more)
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hi guys! Can you tell me what this is? I'm thinking it's mealy bugs in my tower garden but not sure. It's tiny white specks on the rock wool and it seems to be making the plants unhealthy :/ water cycle is 15 min every hour light cycle 16 hrs on   what's the best way to fix it? Start over? Soap spray? neem?… (Show more)
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What is the right way to prune zucchini plant? The plant is huge. I have picked 1 zucchini and 2 more are growing so it is healthy but it is so big and the leaves cover the place to add water.
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I have an indoor Tower Garden (TG) in my basement. i cleaned it for the first time outdoors, replaced my old pump due to I was having issues and replanted everything. A few weeks ago I started getting green growth on the Rockwhool and was having to deal with spider mites killing my germinated plants.   The green growth, I was told that It is… (Show more)
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