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Fungus - dangerous?

Posted by janelleplamondon Oct 9, 2017

I have an indoor Tower Garden (TG) in my basement. i cleaned it for the first time outdoors, replaced my old pump due to I was having issues and replanted everything. A few weeks ago I started getting green growth on the Rockwhool and was having to deal with spider mites killing my germinated plants.


The green growth, I was told that It is algae and is safe, but now it has turned into what appears to be fungi. I kid you not, started to create leaves of some sort and weird patterns. I've never seen this before. I wish I could post a picture!!


i removed all the ones that started having major growth. I was told to put 1/2 cup of peroxide in my water to kill off whatever it may be.


My concern/question: is it safe to consume the current lettuce and herbs that's growing on my TG, or do I need to tare it all down Again?


Growing Peppers Indoors

Posted by dperrone Sep 14, 2017

There has been a lot of discussion about growing pepper plants in the Tower Garden, so I thought others might find what I experienced helpful.


I did plant two jalapeno plants in my Tower Garden a few months ago which I started from seed. They did, in fact, grow through the colder months and - with help from 'red' (36W, 3 Bands) Grow lights - they did flower and produce peppers. In fact, they grew and grew...and grew! I did harvest about 2 dozen peppers from both plants. I did not hand pollinate; peppers will self-pollinate - although hand pollination is probably helpful as is having some kind of air flow to the tower so pollin can 'move.'

20170427_110003 - Copy - Copy.jpg


there has been a lot of discussion about aphids, too. THIS is what I experienced...


The down side to this - I am not sure how, but, despite taking every precaution I could think of, I ended up with aphids on both plants. This, ultimately, was my reason for getting rid of the plants. In fact, they became very infested...


Since getting rid of them, I have been checking the Tower more aphids...


What I believe happened is the CSA I purchased from, delivered produce weekly. I started finding aphids on ALL their deliveries. I washed their produce in the sink- I had pepper plant cuttings on the window sill above the sink, which I would put with the Tower garden during the day because of lighting. The aphids must have gotten onto the cuttings; then on to the peppers in the Tower. Aphids - as it turns out - are especially fond of pepper plants.


Once they got onto the pepper plants they must have laid ( microscopic) eggs, which I did not see. They must have kept propagating via the pepper plants, because, although they did show up on a few other plants in the Tower Garden, the pepper plants were infested.


For now, I think I will stick with 'harvestable' plants like lettuces and greens, as well as herbs...because they are all growing beautifully in the Tower Garden.


Here is more information about my experiences growing peppers in the Tower Garden:

  • Grew them from seed; no problem getting them to germinate and grow.
  • Used a  Full Spectrum CFL Grow Light Bulb 60 Watt Bulb 5500K H60 light on them during the day; started leaving a 36W, 3 Bands 'red' light on them at night to make them flower. This light will also make other plants flower (including squash, which flower beautifully under this light) Be careful, though; this light will make harvestable plants bolt early.
  • Trunk- which looked like a wood tree trunk-on both plants got rather large (2-2.5 inches in diameter )
  • The roots - I cut them back often when I discovered them reaching the reservoir- got as thick as felt pad at the base of the plant, and was actually rectangular in shape under the plant itself...not dangle-y.
  • Did NOT hand pollinate - although one upside from the 'aphid invasion - they were mainly on all the new tips and wherever they were, plant produced flowers AND peppers. ( so there must have been pollination occurring from their activity.
  • Did not use a cage; I used a few pieces of garden wire (twist tie) in a few spots for support. I did trim the plant back often to keep it from extending even further out than it already was.

Hope this is helpful to anyone considering growing peppers INDOORS in the Tower Garden.


I may try a pepper plant again. and, by the way, discontinued my membership to my local CSA!

I inherited 4 towers at my school and put one together to test it. The pump and hose seem fine and work up to the second level but not up to level 5 at the top. Did I put it together wrong? Thanks




Watercress anyone?

Posted by russ Jul 6, 2017

I am considering growing watercress in the TG, which is indoors with plenty of light and is on a 15-45 pump schedule. Does watercress grow well without a constant flow of water? Has anyone done this?  Can I get a reasonable amount from just a few ports?



Posted by minaayindra May 16, 2017

One of my indoor towers is literally infested with tiny white bugs that are stuck on the leaves.  I'm not sure that they are aphids since the color doesn't describe them as white.  Although they are hard to see, I have observed them moving on the leaves.  They started trying to spread to my other tower and I doused all of the plants with Neen Oil.  It did nothing to control them.  I then tried using a hard spray to dislodge the bugs but they didn't all come off.  I have finally had to place the tower outside to avoid contamination of the large number of plants I have inside.


I can't leave it outside and, although I hate to lose my plants, I will kill them all if necessary.  I have tried releasing large numbers of ladybugs and green lacewings in the area, actually placing some into the leaves, but the good guys seem uninterested in these white bugs and just leave.  I am afraid to put any further organic pesticides on them because I don't want to hurt any of my beneficial insects I have around.


If I could be clear as to what these are, that would help.  If anyone could tell me if the organic pesticides are dangerous for my good bugs, that would be appreciated.  Finally, if this is a total loss, what can I do to stop these insects from just coming back onto new plants?  I heard something about vinegar but I don't know if that means wash the outside of the tower or do I need to disassemble the whole thing and soak all of it?



I have multiple pictures of them but I can't seem to paste them into this post... another issue <sigh>.


Water Timer

Posted by starbaserobins Feb 28, 2017

I made a "drastic" decision  this week to change the flow of water. When I first started I did the 15 on 15 off method that was by recommended by Tower Garden and end up trying an hour on and 3 hours off. I've noticed that this method encourages my plants to thicken their root system. Its a little more work with trimming some of the roots back but plenty worth it when your are plenty healthy. Now I'm trying something a little more drastic 1 hour on 7 hours off with the same running lights of 12 hours on and 12 hours off.


Has anyone else tried longer periods without watering indoors?



Hi, we have two towers in our school and in both of them the cucumber plants are dying. They started out great but slowly the leaves dry up but the stem and roots look fine. This is a picture of the last one we have, it is almost dead. Any ideas what we can do


I am new to Tower Garden I have one at home in a southern facing room with lots of windows so lots of natural light. my plants are small some are very pale green, some are getting white spots on the leaves and they are a bit crisp.  The pH is good the pods are nice a wet, what am I doing wrong?

The second one is in my daughters class with no windows so she has the lights they see to be growing a bit better but seem to be getting burnt by the lights.

indoor garden

Posted by celwart Apr 24, 2016

Hi!  I am new to Tower Gardens and I am growing inside with the idea of creating a healing sanctuary in the waiting room of my office. (My office is in my basement).  I am growing things that I use in my green shake every morning- lettuces, cukes, basil etc. any tips?  Has anyone grown strawberries inside successfully? 


Posted by ckhouston Mar 21, 2016

I've been growing lavender this winter in my tower garden and the plant is huge and very healthy, however, the flowers have yet to bud or bloom. Any suggestions? Also, I've had my flower garden for several months now.  How often should it be cleaned and where can I find information on the process of cleaning? !

I think I saw somebody suggesting that with the grow lights, its good to sprits your leaves with a little water (moisture) so they don't get burned by the lights. Is this true or does anybody have any other suggestions?

I have yellow 'veins' appearing on some of my cherry tomato plant leaves.  Any ideas on what I should do?tomato issue.jpg


Growing Celery

Posted by jhughes26 Jan 25, 2016

I have three celery plants in my indoor tower. The stalks spread out and look like giant parsley. Should I tie the stalks together or do something else to make it grow like celery?

People come by and lick a piece and say "this parsley tastes awful".