One of my indoor towers is literally infested with tiny white bugs that are stuck on the leaves.  I'm not sure that they are aphids since the color doesn't describe them as white.  Although they are hard to see, I have observed them moving on the leaves.  They started trying to spread to my other tower and I doused all of the plants with Neen Oil.  It did nothing to control them.  I then tried using a hard spray to dislodge the bugs but they didn't all come off.  I have finally had to place the tower outside to avoid contamination of the large number of plants I have inside.


I can't leave it outside and, although I hate to lose my plants, I will kill them all if necessary.  I have tried releasing large numbers of ladybugs and green lacewings in the area, actually placing some into the leaves, but the good guys seem uninterested in these white bugs and just leave.  I am afraid to put any further organic pesticides on them because I don't want to hurt any of my beneficial insects I have around.


If I could be clear as to what these are, that would help.  If anyone could tell me if the organic pesticides are dangerous for my good bugs, that would be appreciated.  Finally, if this is a total loss, what can I do to stop these insects from just coming back onto new plants?  I heard something about vinegar but I don't know if that means wash the outside of the tower or do I need to disassemble the whole thing and soak all of it?



I have multiple pictures of them but I can't seem to paste them into this post... another issue <sigh>.