I have an indoor Tower Garden (TG) in my basement. i cleaned it for the first time outdoors, replaced my old pump due to I was having issues and replanted everything. A few weeks ago I started getting green growth on the Rockwhool and was having to deal with spider mites killing my germinated plants.


The green growth, I was told that It is algae and is safe, but now it has turned into what appears to be fungi. I kid you not, started to create leaves of some sort and weird patterns. I've never seen this before. I wish I could post a picture!!


i removed all the ones that started having major growth. I was told to put 1/2 cup of peroxide in my water to kill off whatever it may be.


My concern/question: is it safe to consume the current lettuce and herbs that's growing on my TG, or do I need to tare it all down Again?