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I received the following question from a friend of my husband.  Any experiences you would be willing to share would be helpful.  Thank you.    The question is what kind of experience people have using tower gardens in south Florida. It would have to be outdoors. I can keep it shaded for part of the day but it still gets quite hot in the summer. … (Show more)
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Does anyone have any insight to what this may be? Outside Tower in Florida, not screened in. This happened before the hurricane and is happening again. I originally thought they were eggs of some sort, but wondering if it's a mold or something. Any suggestions appreciated.
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I inherited 4 tower gardens at my new school that had been totally disassembled. I put one back together and put water in the basing and hooked up the pump to the bottom tier of five tiers total. The water does not reach the top. What have I done wrong? Thanks
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I don't know what has happened . I was preoccupied trying to install my tomato cage (late, after growing a month).Now , i see that he water does not go to the top any more. The motor (ie the pump) works.I tried to clean out plant growth inside the tub, but it still stopped going to the top. All my plants are wilting. Any ideas appreciated
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Help!  My plant's trunks are all turning brown and getting weak and some have snapped.  What am I doing wrong? 
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Joe D posted an awesome document explaining how to properly mix the Tower Garden nutrients (document called Mixing TG Nutrient Solution), but I'm still a bit confused.   I followed his directions step by step to fill the entire 20 gallon tub.  All seems fine there.  I get confused when I'm trying to have the proper mixture ready in a 5 gallon… (Show more)
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Hi There,   We are LOVING our new TG.   At first, we didn't hear the pump, but over the last couple of weeks, the pump is loud.   We tried fixing it and filling the tub up to the fill line, but nothing has helped.  Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance!
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Just set up my brand new tower garden and I cant seem to get the pump valve to work.  When I turn the knob it doesnt adjust the flow at all and it is hitting the shower cap. I had corporate send a new pump and it is doing the same thing.  Any suggestions would be very welcomed!  Thank you!
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My tower's plastic has turned yellow. Is this normal? Do I need to clean it to whiten it again?
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