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Why is it not recommended to grow plants with fruit (eg tomatoes) when you are using a light system?  We are in Manitoba, Canada and there is no way that our Tower Garden can go outside at this can get to -45 degrees Celsius with the wind chill here.  Also, we do not get enough sunlight that I could have it by a window.  We would like… (Show more)
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So my Tower is doing pretty well - about 80% of the plants very healthy and large with established roots.  A couple of my SPRING LETTUCE mix wilted & had to be removed. After starting a couple of new ones to the point of roots appearing in the Wool, I placed these in the empty slots in my Tower. Now THESE are wilty and not doing well either.  … (Show more)
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I need a TG rep in the Clearwater/Tampa area. Can someone give me contact info? Thx
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I am trying to install the two steel rods for the support into the holes on the cover of the tank.  The holes line up right on the edge of the bowl instead of on the outside.   This does not allow me to push them through and put the wing nuts under there.  Do I have to drill holes further out on the edge of the lid?
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Before I can order 2 towers, I need to obtain a W-9 from your company.  Please feel free to email me at  Thank you
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What methods have people found work best to remove the scaling buildup along port edges?     Are there any special solvents that you have created or purchased that work well to help get the scaling off the tower?   Lemon Juice?  Simple Green?   Other?
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I placed an order on-line this morning.  I was wondering if you honor Nebraska Sales Tax Exempt?
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We ordered a Science Bundle of three Tower Gardens, plus tomato support cages, and this is the list we received.  NET POT TOWER GARDEN (30) TOWER GARDEN GROWING SYSTEM LED LIGHT KIT TG TOWER TONIC 1 GAL A AND 2 GAL B TOWER GARDEN DOLLY TOWER GARDEN EXTENSION KIT ROCK FIBER PLUGS (PKG OF 98) TG TOMATO CG WTH SPCR However, before releasing the… (Show more)
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This is my second  growing season, and this time I am going to do the recommended water change as I am around the 80 day mark.   Customer support and the guide says to use half strength for new plantings and full strength for established plantings; however,  in reality my units are continuously having their plantings replaced so there is a… (Show more)
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I'm getting ready to purchase my Tower....SO EXCITED! Does the support cage work with the LED lights? What plants require the use of the support cage?
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