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Some of my plants in our school cafeteria are infested with aphids.  What can I do to get rid of them?
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I have been reading a bit about rock wool. Is it safe to have in a classroom? I am thinking of buying two for my science classes this year.
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I cannot get the ph level to come down in my water in the tower garden.  We started at green before adding the nutrients.  Once I added the nutrient solution, 200 ml of each, it turned orange.  I have added the ph solution several times and it never changes from light orange.  Today I put more water in without nutrients and checked, still orange,… (Show more)
in Growing Young Minds
Are there any disadvantages to buying a used tower garden.  They say it is 1-2 years old.  My finances are tight to buy a new one.  Thank you, Linda
in Growing Young Minds
I'm in St. Louis and helping a school get tower gardens. I'm looking for a grant that would fund tower gardens. Know of any?
in Growing Young Minds
I need to get a water softener in my home as the hard water is wrecking havoc with toilets, dishwasher etc. It is also causing a mineral build up on my tower that hardens on the inside and is extremely labor intensive to clean. I realize that I will need to use potassium instead of sodium in the softener and that it's still not "optimum". I just… (Show more)
in Growing Young Minds
Hi, i am looking for a flyer to include in a packet for an elementary school. Looking for one specifically for schools.
in Growing Young Minds
Hello, Has anyone created or does anyone have a pre-test & post-test that can be given to students before and after they grow a Tower Garden garden? Thanks!
in Growing Young Minds
Hi!  I am starting with my TG in my 8th grade biology classroom next week. Any recommendations on what to have the students grow indoors in the fall?  Also, if anyone has an laboratory activities/ experiments to share, I'm looking for documents to support students as they plant seeds and grow. I am also wondering if anyone has a document that… (Show more)
in Growing Young Minds
The university is interested in application on campus as well as talking to other schools that have the tower garden in use already!   THANKS
in Growing Young Minds
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