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I teach fourth grade in Wisconsin. Our school is an agriculture school. We have just purchased four Tower Gardens. I was wondering if anyone has lesson plans for grade 3-5? I am also looking for a gardening journal that is modeled for use with a Tower Garden. Does anyone have one that is willing to share? If not, we should definitely be developing… (Show more)
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Hello! I am lookin for information about obtaining a grant for a tower garden. I have a preschool that would like one for their school to teach their children about gardening. The owner also sits on the school board (retired teacher) and is close friends with our superintendent. She's says this would be a good way to get the towers in our local… (Show more)
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Can someone explain the process? How they purchase once they receive grant? If they need anything from me as a distributor to get grant? etc?
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I'm a JP rep and working with setting up a STEM room at the local Boys and Girls Club. Their summer program kicks off early June and we are putting together the curriculum this week. What are some suggestions for starting seeds in June for a summer growth period in eastern North Carolina? The TG will be inside most of the time, but have the… (Show more)
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I'm in St. Louis and helping a school get tower gardens. I'm looking for a grant that would fund tower gardens. Know of any?
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Hello Friends,   It has been a great May for me and the boys and girls clubs.  In may, I started 8 new boys and girls clubs. They included: Cedar Lake (Indiana) Lake Station (Indiana) South Haven (Indian) Logan Square (Chicago) Genesee (Waukegan) Oakdale (Waukegan) Flodin (Rockford) Fairground (Rockford) All the kids were curious and… (Show more)
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Newly Redesigned!   Includes the Seton Hall University Grade 7 and above Lessons 7-10 and their corresponding PowerPoint. *Please note Lesson 7 has no corresponding PowerPoint, as it is a research project.
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Hello: Tower Garden just posted a new video on the facebook page on May 9 featuring Stephen Ritz talking about the new curriculum for PreK-7th grade.  I would like to share this video with a teacher who is not on facebook.  How can I access this video using a different medium? Youtube? Safetube?  Thank you! Lacey
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I purchased multiple towers to go outside, while I keep two inside.  I planted most of my seedlings in the rock wool by the seed company directives on timing.  Unfortunately, it appears my seeds didn't want to follow that timing and accelerated their growth.  Now I have multiple tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings  taking off in the germination… (Show more)
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I work as a supply teacher and go to new schools everyday - I would love to be able to leave a flyer in the staff room with a quick overview of the opportunity for Tower Gardens in schools. Before I make one myself I was wondering if anyone already had something like this that I could tweak and use? Thanks in advance!   Hello lindsaynhawkins,  …
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