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Funding Towers with Donors Choose

Posted by anna Oct 30, 2017

Hi Everybody  I am trying to fund three towers (Science Lab Growing Bundle) for teachers at an elementary school using Donors Choose.  Has anybody had any experience using this website?  If so I would love to chat with you!  Thanks in advance.


TG elementary school flyer

Posted by mjones0722 Sep 11, 2017


i am looking for a flyer to include in a packet for an elementary school. Looking for one specifically for schools.

Hello Friends,


It has been a great May for me and the boys and girls clubs.  In may, I started 8 new boys and girls clubs.

They included:

  1. Cedar Lake (Indiana)
  2. Lake Station (Indiana)
  3. South Haven (Indian)
  4. Logan Square (Chicago)
  5. Genesee (Waukegan)
  6. Oakdale (Waukegan)
  7. Flodin (Rockford)
  8. Fairground (Rockford)

All the kids were curious and helpful in constructing and starting seeds.  Everyone enjoyed the activity and the opportunity to start something new!

Here are a few pictures from the event:









We all look forward to seeing plants grow and making an impact with the kids and community.

Eric Su

Hello everyone in Tower Garden World,


On March 24th, Morgan Park Boys and Girls Club in Chicago began their Tower Garden Journey. 

It was amazing and so much fun!  It was all new to the kids there and there were many questions.


As you review the images, you can see how they were all over the new project.  If you have any questions, just ask.

I welcome your comments too.


Here are a few images.  For more pictures visit my tower garden facebook page:







It was such a fun day and I look forward to growing new veggies and fruits with them.

Until the next update, grow a tower garden.




Planted too early?

Posted by minaayindra Mar 28, 2017

I purchased multiple towers to go outside, while I keep two inside.  I planted most of my seedlings in the rock wool by the seed company directives on timing.  Unfortunately, it appears my seeds didn't want to follow that timing and accelerated their growth.  Now I have multiple tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings  taking off in the germination trays and I can't possibly put them outside (safely) until 6 weeks from now.  It would be a crime to kill all these beautiful plants because I now have nowhere to place them- they can't go in the inside towers because I've already discovered what a disaster that can be!  Has anyone had this problem and/or has a solution?  It would be very simple to repot them into bigger containers if I was using dirt but they are trapped in their little cubes and I don't know how to let them grow without any further support medium.

Hello everyone,


I am excited to share with you the progress at the Little Village Boys and Girls club right outside of Chicago, IL.


The kids are doing a great job in making sure the water and lights are working.  The kids are eager to learn each time we visit them.

This time, they were open to giving me a video testimony.  Watch it here.

Here are a few more pictures of the kids and the tower garden.  They are enjoying this so much.



Wow, after two weeks, the tower garden at the Boys and Girls Club in Little Village had a huge growth sprout.  Check out the photos.

The kids were so excited to eat the veggies too.  They were able to identify what kinds of veggies were growing too.


The total grow time for the tower was about 8 weeks.


It's a great day when the kids are asking to eat their veggies.  Enjoy the photos.







Hello everyone,


The boys and girls club of Little Village outside of Chicago, IL is growing indoors and they are enjoying it so much, that they ask when I will be back each time.

The lights and the plants are doing well as you can see in the pictures below.

Here is a video testimony from them as well.  Watch it here.

The towers are growing well indoors as you can see.  They enjoy eating the vegetables too.

Check it out here:




Hello JP tower garden friends,


Here is an update with the Boys and Girls club in Little Village just outside Chicago.

We got the tower cleaned and ready for indoor growing.


You can see in the pictures below, that everyone got into rebuilding the tower the indoor growing.

The kids were excited to help out and wanted to know how it all works.


Over the next few week, we will all see the growth of this tower.  Stay tuned for the updates.


Thank you for looking









Water District Grants

Posted by lmmonk Nov 16, 2016

Hello,  I am looking to see about information in regards to water districts and grants for local schools.  Thank you in advance!

oct. 2016 .JPG


We are really enjoying our Tower Garden at the Westport Boys and Girls Club in Baltimore, MD.  I am also teaching the kids about whole food nutrition. 

Hello JP and Tower Garden Family,


I wanted to give you an update about the tower garden at the boys and girls in Little Village near Chicago.


Upon arrival, the tower garden look great.  See the pictures below.

We have tomatoes and cucumbers growing.  New salads were growing too.


In the lesson, we learned how photosynthesis works and how the leaves contribute to our oxygen.

It was a great time!


Enjoy our pictures.






What a great day at the Boys and Girls Club in Little Village outside of Chicago, IL.  The last few weeks were hot however, the tower garden survived.

The kids were excited to see cucumbers and tomatoes growing.  We harvested a cucumber and had a small feast with it.

It was so great to see the kids excited about what they had grown.


In addition to this, our lesson for the day was about flowers.  The parts and how they all work to produce the fruit.

We are all learning and its wonderful to see the kids getting excited about this topic.


Enjoy our pictures!



Hey everyone, I hope this finds you well.  I am so excited to report the tower garden growth a the boys and girls club in Little Village outside of Chicago IL.

The following images are week from 6 and 1/2 weeks from the planting day of June 1st, 2016.


All the kids were excited and taking care of the tower.  I visit 2 times a month with a tower garden lesson to teach the kids about gardening.

The lessons are found on tower talk.  Just search for it.


We are all looking forward to seeing tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash to grow in a month or so.


This tower garden is doing great!  The kids are so engaged with each lesson too.

Enjoy the following pictures.