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Chicago IL - Little Village Boys and Girls Club -  On June 1st 2016 the boys and girls club in Little Village located outside of Chicago transplanted their seedlings into their new tower garden.


The event was fun and exciting for these kids because they never did this before.  Before transplanting, the kids did a great job in growing their seedlings.  You can see from the pictures below.


One by one, the seedlings were placed into the net pots.  The kids were super excited and enjoyed knowing that in a few weeks there would be real vegetables on the tower.

The kids also learned about how to put water into the reservoir and check the ph.  It was a great day for them and I enjoyed seeing their eyes light up when they planted the seedlings.


In a few weeks, the garden club will start up and they will learn more about how plants grow and the importance of eating healthy foods.


Ok, until then, enjoy these pictures.