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Hello everyone in Tower Garden World,


On March 24th, Morgan Park Boys and Girls Club in Chicago began their Tower Garden Journey. 

It was amazing and so much fun!  It was all new to the kids there and there were many questions.


As you review the images, you can see how they were all over the new project.  If you have any questions, just ask.

I welcome your comments too.


Here are a few images.  For more pictures visit my tower garden facebook page:







It was such a fun day and I look forward to growing new veggies and fruits with them.

Until the next update, grow a tower garden.




Planted too early?

Posted by minaayindra Mar 28, 2017

I purchased multiple towers to go outside, while I keep two inside.  I planted most of my seedlings in the rock wool by the seed company directives on timing.  Unfortunately, it appears my seeds didn't want to follow that timing and accelerated their growth.  Now I have multiple tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings  taking off in the germination trays and I can't possibly put them outside (safely) until 6 weeks from now.  It would be a crime to kill all these beautiful plants because I now have nowhere to place them- they can't go in the inside towers because I've already discovered what a disaster that can be!  Has anyone had this problem and/or has a solution?  It would be very simple to repot them into bigger containers if I was using dirt but they are trapped in their little cubes and I don't know how to let them grow without any further support medium.