How to Create a Discussion

Version 1

    In the Tower Talk community you can start a discussion. Discussions come in two varieties; threads and questions.  The difference between the two is determined by what the author is looking for.

    • Threads: A thread is where the author is seeking different point of views and there is no specific solution to the issue.  These are generally used to formulate plans of actions and make business decisions. An example of a thread would be “How should we modify our process to better serve our customers?”  In this case there will be many points of view and each will help you reach a decision.
    • Questions: A question is where the author is seeking a specific solution to a problem they are having. The questions functionality allows the author and administrators to mark the correct response to the question, allowing the author and others find that solution faster.

    To create a discussion

    1. Click Create>Discussion by clicking the small pencil icon
    2. In the create a new Discussion window, enter a title for your discussion, then enter content etc
    3. Click Publish


    Have any additional questions about Discussions? Post in a comment below