How to Manage your Preferences

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    Stay connected to the Tower Talk community the way you want. Control how you receive email notifications on the content that matters most to you, or stay connected with the community notifications by following the guide below.


    Manage Email Notifications

    To manage notifications that come to your email inbox, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Tower Talk and click on your name (upper right corner of the screen)

    2. Under Personal Settings, click Preferences

    3. Under Email Notifications Preferences choose your preferences from the available options and click Save.



    Until you are checking the Tower Talk community frequently, we recommend that you not turn off all email notifications. Below are a few we recommend you keep "on."

    • Inbox & Actions - keeping these notifications "On" will ensure you receive notifications on any content that you are participating in (have created, commented on etc.) are mentioned in, or tasks assigned to you.
    • Community Digest - keeping this at once a week will allow you to have an at a glance view of activity that has happened with the content that is related to you.


    Tip: You can adjust these settings at any time, so if you find you are getting too many or too little notifications - update your preferences!


    Tower Talk Community Notifications

    When you are logged into the community, you will notice when you have notifications by the small red notification by your name in the top right corner. To view your notifications (which may include, group invitations, mentions, comments etc.) simply click on the red notification or choose to view your Inbox & Activity from your profile drop-down menu.