What is involved in maintaining a Tower Garden?

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    What is involved in maintaining a Tower Garden?


    Once you have set up your Tower Garden and transplanted seedlings to it, you should check the water level and pH balance in your Tower Garden 2 times a week. Yellowing leaves are an indication that your pH has drifted out of the recommended range. A pH test kit is provided with your Tower Garden purchase.

    Rotate Tower Garden if it is placed next to a wall where the sun shines on the same part of Tower Garden every day. For optimal plant uniformity, rotate the reservoir lid a quarter turn in the same direction each day or whenever possible.

    Keep roots away from the pump, and keep the shower cap holes clean and free from debris. You can use a toothpick to clean the holes.

    Once your crops are ready (in 3+ weeks, depending on what you are growing), you'll want to check your Tower Garden regularly for fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy.

    Clean the pump filter monthly. Unplug the pump, pull the pump up through the access port and remove the pump cover. Clean with water to remove debris.

    Depending on what you are growing, you may need to replace your plants every couple of months.