How to Create a New Group

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    Groups are collaborative places where you can work together and share information on a specific subject. You can join existing groups or create your own and invite people.


    Before you create a new group, consider the purpose of the group and how you can attract members who will participate regularly. The way you name the group is a way you can make it easy to find for those who are interested in it.

    1.    To create a new group click Create(pencil icon) > Group. (Group appears under the Places section)

    2.    When the new group page loads a pop-up will appear with some details about the group.

    3.    Enter a title for your group.  Make sure to avoid abbreviations that others might not know to help your group be found easier.

    4.    Enter a description for your group.  This should reflect the purpose and communicate to the users joining the group what you are trying to do with the group.

    5.    Enter any tags that are needed to help search find the group.

    6.    Determine the type of group you wish to create.  The group type will determine how the users can access the group and what they will be able to see as a non-member.

    7.    Click the Advanced Options link.

    8.    Choose the option: Activity & Pages

    9.    Click the Preview and browse templates button.  See the “Templates” section of this document for information on activity page templates. 

    10.    In the Group Features and Activity section directly above the Create Group button, click the gear wheel icon in the top right corner.

    11.    Choose which group features (content types) you wish to turn on in the group.  Be sure to use the features that will help you fulfill your group purpose.  Once done, click the Apply button.

    12.    Optionally, click the Avatar button in the group header to add a picture that will help spice up your group.

    13.    Optionally click the Background button in the group header to change the background for the group header, including adding your own image.

    14.    Once you are finished, click the Create Group button.



    When you decide to use the activity page there are a series of pre-determined group templates that are available for you to use that will give you different tiles on the activity page. 

    Tiles surface content in your group on the activity page and reside on the right hand column of the page.  Each activity page can have up to 7 total tiles.

    1.    To change the template of the group, click the Manage drop down and choose Settings.

    2.    At the top of the page directly above the group header, click the Browse Templates button.

    3.    Determine the template category you wish to use (example:  General) and select it.  This will display all available templates for that category.

    4.    Select the category you wish to use (example:  Team Collaboration).  Information about that template will appear to the right of the name.

    5.    Click the Apply Template button to apply that template.

    6.    Once done, click the Save button.