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    Horticulture Shop @ CCLC                                                                                 Gabriel Meets, LL

       Coatesville, Pa                                                                                                                                Thorndale, Pa

    Tower Garden Seedlings: Home delivered healthy, safe, and tasty

    • Top Quality, Wide Variety, Popular Greens and Herb
    • 100% Naturally Grown Edibles
    • Non-GMO Seed Stock
    • Clean & Healthy Growing Environment
    • Organic Kelp and Seaweed Fertilizers
    • IPM/Biocontrol Practices (Organic Pest Controls)
    • No Artificial Chemicals, Fertilizers or Pesticides
    • Over 20 yrs. Professional Growing Experience
    • Small Local Business, High School-operated Greenhouse
    • Successful Indoor Aquaponic Growing System 
    • Seed PlantedMarch 5 , 2016
    • Pennsylvania Seeded, Raised and Harvested Plant


    Also Available                                                              

    Ornamental Landscaping & Bedding Plants Indoor Flowering Plants, Annuals, Vegetables & Perennial Plants




    Phone: (302) 256-6674, Email: GabrielMeets@gmail.com

    1325 Skyline Drive

    Coatesville, PA 19320