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    I am a STEM teacher in Rush Springs, Rush Springs, OK. This year I won a grant for $13,000 and I purchased 18 new Tower Gardens for my Entrepreneur class.  Each student in the class is responsible for maintaining their own Tower Garden and helping with our weekly Farmers Market that we started as a fundraiser to help pay for more supplies, equipment, and a green house. Students learn where food comes from, the nutritional value of vegetables, and  herbs. They are also learning how to run a business, raise money for the business, budget money, and market the business in the community.  We recently started the market and have already earned a number of business sponsors and community donations for fresh produce from the Tower Gardens. You can view one of our local TV stations broadcast at Rush Springs High School builds Aeroponic Tower Garden - KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports. ABC…   I am also setting up more schools in our state to help them achieve similar results, as a Juice Plus Distributor I am also earning extra money that helps me since or state is one of the bottom 2 states in salaries paid to teachers.  The best part though is seeing our students succeed in an area other than sports. Now they can really help themselves prepare for their futures from the hands on experience they are receiving in class.  Many of my students have now changed their minds about this project, from being stupid, to look what we have done and what we are growing.  Every student can excel and succeed in this hands on training. If you would like to get more information about what we doing, call me at 580-252-9194 Home or email me at  We can help make our families healthier and provide a great savings tool as well.


    Larry Lance