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    What should theTDS meter reading be normally in the tank?

      We were growing 6 tomatoes in the tower and found that they were choking out everything else. Cucumbers would start and then die just after germination. We decided to take those tomatoes out and did some further checking. Hubby has a chemistry degree and we bought a TDS meter to check the PH levels and conductivity of the tank solution. We found the PH level to be acidic and the conductivity to be off scale. Hubby would like to know what the normal reading for conductivity of the tank solution should be. We have adjusted the PH so that it will read 6.5 and diluted the solution to read 3.5 for conductivity or ppm. We feel that this is still high. Knowing what "normal" is would be of great help. Also if this is way out of normal, then what would be causing this. Thanks everyone.