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    How much does it cost to run the Tower Garden for indoor use?


      All of the electrical appliances associated with our Tower Garden, the pump, timers, and grow lights, use low wattage common in most small household appliances and should not make a significant impact on a household’s energy usage. The pump and timer should be pennies a day to run.


      Our Grow Lights use four 54 Watt bulbs, which use a similar  amount of wattage and energy as a common household lamp. Using the Canadian HydroOne calculator, it shows that using 2 fluorescent 8 ft. bulbs (ours are only 4 ft) for 14 hours a day would cost $15.64 a month. Using the US energy.gov calculator with the correct wattage of our bulbs, the cost is shown as $10.89 for 30 days (or $132.45 per year).