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    Replace Tower Garden Pump?

      I bought my Tower Garden about a year ago. When I add my extension it seems like the water is hardly making it to the top of the extension. Should I just buy a new pump or is that normal with the extension?

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          Hi jerickson10, The height of a TG with one extension kit is near the max vertical lift capabilities of the standard pump supplied with the TG. Therefore, expect to see a diminished flow rate at the top "shower cap" section. That being said, ensure that the flow is high enough to reach all the small drain holes in the top section - especially the holes closest to the outside edge. Optimally, there should be a small amount (~1/16 inch) of solution filling the entire top section while the pump is on. Note: It is critical that your TG be level for the proper dispersion of nutrient solution throughout the system. If solution is not making it to the outer holes, there are a few things I recommend you check.


          • Check the pump pre-filter to ensure it is clean.
          • Check the pump internals (impeller) to ensure that it is free of debris. You will need to carefully disassemble the pump - follow the directions that came with the model pump you received.
          • Check the pump flow rate dial - it should be set to the MAX setting (note:not all model pumps supplied with the TG have a flow rate dial).
          • Check the "blue hose" connections between the pump and underside of the TG base are snug.
          • Check that all tower sections are firmly seated against each other and that there are no visible gaps between the sections.
          • Check for leaks in the center riser pipe that is formed by stacking the tower sections together. One method to accomplish this is to remove a black net pot in each section (one at a time) and using a flashlight, look in through the open tower section growing port while the pump is on.
          • Check for obstructions in the center riser pipe. One method to accomplish this is to shine a flashlight down the center pipe nipple located in the center of the top section (a ladder is helpful).


          If you have performed that checklist and still have an inadequate solution flow rate, then I recommend you purchase a higher capacity pump. I recommend this one: http://www.towergardenstore.com/product_p/910-980.htm. You can keep your original pump as a backup (a very good idea).


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