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    Cleaning Tower Garden


      Hi All~  Do we NEED to clean tower garden every year?  This is my first year...planted in June and been going strong all year.

      Just wondering if we do need to clean it .....how we do that if we constantly have things growing it it?

      Besides a whitish film (that I wash off) it looks really good.

      Thank you for all your help, looking forward to spring gardening!


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          Hi carolynjsheehan@gmail.com, It is highly recommended that you clean your TG at the end of each growing season. Outside cleanliness is nowhere near as important as inside cleanliness. If your plants are producing and living up to your expectations, then keep going. I would recommend that you time your plant rotations so that you have an empty (or close to it) TG at least one time a year. This will enable you to easily perform a proper full cleaning. If you continue to skip the cleanings, sooner or later your plants will suffer (pathogens / disease, stunted growth, increased difficulty maintaining a stable nutrient solution pH, etc.).


          Many TG growers that want to clean their TG but still have plants growing, remove the plants (plant, roots, net pot & all) and place them in a plastic storage bin filled with a little water (to keep roots wet). They then clean the TG and replace the plants... taking this opportunity to trim the roots a bit (no more than 1/3 the total root mass).


          FYI: How to Clean the Tower Garden


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