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    Starting seeds for indoor gardening


      I am having trouble getting seeds to germinate, especially spinach, and then when they do they become so tall and leggy before I can transfer them to my TG.  I just put seeds into rock wool yesterday and want to do it right this time.  I am a pretty new Tower Gardener.  I soaked the rock wool, put the seeds in and added the vermiculite.  Watered them and left about 1/4 inch of water in the tray.  I saw someone said to put them on top of the frig.  I currently have them on my clothes dryer on a towel with a cheap grow light from Walmart over them for light and warmth.  Do they need warmth on the bottom to germinate instead of from the top?  Should the tray be covered?  Once they germinate, what about light?  Does the water need to have the TG minerals in it?  Is there a good document that gives me the step by steps?  Thanks a bunch!  Betty from Kansas