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      Just want to share this simple solution with anyone out there fighting aphids...


      No matter how hard I tried - from sealing all windows to NOT opening the windows at all anywhere close to my Tower Garden - I still had an invasion of aphids this Spring.

      I recently got into Essential Oils, and had read how there are oils or combo's of oils that kill and/or repel aphids, gnats and other creepy crawlies.


      After trying a variety of complicated 'recipes,' I tried a simple mixture of Lemon Essential Oil and water in a inexpensive spray bottle. I use 5-8 drops of Lemon Oil in about 4-6 ozs. of water. I mist the plants once a day, (twice for a while because the 'invasion' got heavier). My plants look lovely; the denser leaves like those on the pepper plants have a lovely shine. I am careful around the tender, thin-leaf varieties like gourmet lettuces.


      And, just an 'aside' but you can also use the mixture on the tower, counter tops and more ... Lemon Essential oil is an excellent cleaning solution, smells lovely and kills some mold and mildew.




      Update: There has been lots of discussion about the essential oils, the spray bottles, etc. and since I just did several blog posts on my Travel-To-Wellness blog- and this is fresh in my mind- I decided to add this update.


      I use essential oils daily; I use them for many things from health to household. I am NOT selling them, nor am I involved with any company that does. So here is some practical advice:

      If you are going to be spraying your Tower Garden or any decent size home garden, you could possibly find yourself using a lot of essential oils; Amazon has high quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils that are fabulous, in NOT 5 ML or 10 ML, but in 4 oz. bottles for around $15.00 or less per bottle with droppers. Affordable and excellent quality and won't 'break the bank.'

      Small glass sprayers may be fine for personal cosmetic use, etc. but if you are going to be spraying your garden - trust me- you'll hate them! I did! Here is some practical advice-You can find inexpensive plastic spray bottles - and in a variety of colors which is helpful when you have different spray combinations for household use - at stores like Walmart or Dollar Store. I LOVE mine; they are cheap and work beautifully - and they put out a nice fine mist or they can stream.


      P.S. The Lemon Oil recipe above also kills spiders; if Lemon doesn't work on tougher household pests, substitute Peppermint Essential Oil. ( but don't use it ON your plants.)


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