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      I have been reading a bit about rock wool. Is it safe to have in a classroom? I am thinking of buying two for my science classes this year.

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          Two towers for my classroom that is!

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              I saw you are considering two towers for your classroom. I own a tower farm so if you have any questions please ask. Also, there is a 3 tower set that is for classroom and community centers available as well as a free classroom curriculum. Let me know if you want info on either. You’ll love them and so will the students. I just had 30 Boy Scouts our to my farm two weeks ago. 

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              Rock wool is a hydroponic growth mediumThe correct term is Stone Wool. This is a type of mineral wool made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers. Tower Garden's rock wool is high quality and is supplied by one of the largest and most trusted providers of horticultural grade stone wool.


              Horticultural grade is not the same product that is found in industrial applications such as insulation, Industrial & technical insulation for process industry, marine and offshore and acoustic ceilings.


              You may call Tower Garden customer care at 866-235-0414 and they can provide your school with a copy of the Material Safety Data sheet.

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                Hi tpearl, As a compendium to hciancioso's reply above, you may find the following doc helpful:


                Rockwool in the TG



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