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    35% H2O2


      Curioius about people's thoughts or experiences with adding 35% Hydrogen Peroxide to nutrient solution. 

      I've been reading a lot on this and hearing great things. Also hearing that you need to be cautious and the dilution rate, like many things is really touchy; like 2-5ml per gallon. Too much and you can wipe out your crop.

      Is anyone here using it? What is your experience?

      I've learned that you should NOT use the 3% solution because it contains stabilizers that can be harmful. 

      My sources for this are pretty much every hydroponic and aeroponic site out there. Looking forward to hearing what others have learned before me. 

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          Hi dniezby, The benefits of adding H2O2 (at any concentration) to your nutrient solution are short lived. That is why it is typically added only to address specific issues (that, and the fact it's extremely easy to get wrong and do more damage than good). Most often, it is used as a last resort measure before "give up, start over".


          Are you having a specific issue you feel H2O2 would address?


          BTW... The H2O2 concentration (such as 3% you mention above) has nothing to do with the addition of stabilizers (bad). What does matter is whether or not the H2O2 is "food grade". Almost all of the brown bottle H2O2 you see in local drug stores is non-food grade (contains multiple additives) at 3%. Typically, health food stores will carry food grade (no additives) H2O2 in various concentrations. The most common being 35%.


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              No, no issues right now.  (I hope)

              I just read so much about the benefits of the boost to root health and how it helps to reduce the problem organisms in reservoir water.  

              I add O2 to my water with a 4" Airstone. So would this be more beneficial than H2O2 anyway??