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    Do we need to pollinate?




      I am a fourth grade teacher in Parker, KS and we have a Tower Garden in our classroom. Our leafy greens have performed fantastically, but our tomato and cucumbers are a different story. Our cucumbers get lots of blooms, then they shrivel and nothing comes of them. We do realize that the brussel sprouts are beginning taking over the one side and shading the cucumbers a bit. The lettuce will be harvested today, and we have some other "tending" to do. Outside of these things, what can we do to improve our chances of producing vegetables?


      This is our first year so we are absolutely learning as we go. Any advice would be appreciated!

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          Growing fruiting/flowering plants indoors can be a challenge since the lights are not full spectrum. Green leafy plants will be the most successful. Also, cucumbers will grow out past the lights which even more complicates things. If you blooms are falling off, it is due to lack of pollination. You can use a feather or small paint brush to hand pollinate.

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