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Announcement 1 NEW Lessons & Activities & Newly Redesigned Seton Hall University Resources
Announcement:NEW Lessons & Activities & Newly Redesigned Seton Hall University Resources

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I'm a JP rep and working with setting up a STEM room at the local Boys and Girls Club. Their summer program kicks off early June and we are putting together the curriculum this week. What are some suggestions for starting seeds in June for a summer growth period in eastern North Carolina? The TG will be inside most of the time, but have the

I teach fourth grade in Wisconsin. Our school is an agriculture school. We have just purchased four Tower Gardens. I was wondering if anyone has lesson plans for grade 3-5? I am also looking for a gardening journal that is modeled for use with a Tower Garden. Does anyone have one that is willing to share? If not, we should definitely be developing
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I'm a first time TG'er. I got mine about a week ago. I use Joe D's method for growing from seed for 20 plants, which are doing well. We were also gifted 8 seedlings which we put in the tower 2 nights ago. I live in Little River, SC (Near Myrtle Beach) and it's hot and humid all summer. Today is 86F and 70% humidity. Most of the seedlings in the TG
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I have a customer who has asked about a "gray mold embedded in the plastic of her tomato cage" after 3 years. She has tried smoking it in vinegar and peroxide, but it is still there. Anyone know what this is or how she can have a nice, clean, white cage again? Thank-you!