Well, so far so good.  Tower Garden week one update. I don't mean the plants have been growing a week, but they've been in the Tower for one week.  They seem to be doing very well. Except for the ones I almost killed.


Forgive the sorry looking Green Onions as I'm hoping to salvage them.  When I had them in the seedling tray I was checking for root penetration and accidentally got them caught up and pulled them out. To try and salvage them, I used pointed tweezers, bored into the Rockwool a bit and pushed the surviving roots in.  They're a little limp BUT they're still alive and seem to be re-rooting. Fingers crossed.


I also took the idea of another TG user and have installed two HO T5 "Red" bulbs so my light source is mixed. I'm growing Roma tomatoes and two different types of peppers (Buch Belle and Zavory) so I'm going to need the spectrum.  Hopefully, this plan works out. So far, so good.


Tower Garden Update. - Week One - YouTube