So far my journey has been very frustrating to say the least. I got my new Tower Garden Towers and was so excited! I could hardly wait to get started.I went to the Garden center and purchased some Cilantro, Zucchini and Strawberries I bought Bottled water and followed all the directions for adding the tonic and getting PH balance just right. Still so excited, but boy it cost quite a bit to buy all the water. It is hot where I am so water evaporated fast. Bummer there has to be a better way. Went to the Home Depot and found just the right thing a RV filter! Perfect I can just attach it to the hose and fill my jugs, cleaning out all the icky stuff in our water. This is great. I made some salsa and used some my cilantro. Boy was it good! I started to notice that my plants were not looking so good. I had been adding the filtered water from my hose. Then we had a huge fire and had to evacuate. between the heat from being summer and the heat from the fire I came back to crispy plants. I was so sad but I started over. I bought a few more plants from the garden center again and this time I ordered some seedlings from True Garden. I got everything set up again and put my new little seedlings in and I could almost taste the salad! Yum! but wait how come my plants look wilted? Two days after putting them in the tower they'er dying? Checked every thing, yes the pots were wet, the timer was working, everything was as it should be except MY PLANTS ARE DYING!  I can't  believe this. This was my last chance. Im the worst gardener ever! Everything I plant in the ground dies and everything I plant in raised beds dies. Now even every thing I plant in the towers dies too, I'm done! So I decide to try one more time. I called True Gardens and told them all my plants died and he starts asking questions. I told him everything that I had done and he said that I had done everything right. I'm so bummed, I'm seriously they worst gardener. Finally he asked me to go check the roots on the one little sad struggling plant left. I go and pull the plant out and wow there are no roots. He says thats your problem your water has too high of a salt content. Wow. I filtered it and everything. He was so amazing he sent me more plants and

I used the water from my reverse osmoses filter in the house. Now My little plants are doing great. So the journey continues. Lets see if I can actually keep these little plants alive.