Late last summer I purchased my tower garden. I did put some herbs in it from plants from the nursery after taking all the dirt off the roots ( that was a arduous exercise ) just to try the garden out,  the results even in the 2 months were good but I only had a 2 months left of the growing season so this year I thought I would start from scratch.


I have been busy in the last few months getting my seedlings ready to plant outside. I did not use my tower garden this winter as I did not have a place to put it where it would be warm and where I would have access to water and electricity. I considered the garage but I think it would be too cold there. I did get an Aero garden for Christmas and I have been using it to get some of my seedlings stronger to plant in my Tower Garden. I can see from the results from the Aero garden that using the tower garden in the winter would be excellent. I have attached a picture of my seedlings. Seedlings.jpg


I live in the interior of BC, Canada and the forecast for this week is between 15 - 18 C. So I think I am going to put my seedings in the tower garden this week.  I am planting basil, peppers , ground cherries, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries and other herbs. 


I bought a large seeding tray and rock wool and planted the seeds in the rock wool without any vermiculite. I ensured that the water was a PH 5.5 or close to it and I put a heating pad underneath at the low setting. I did not want to invest money in a heating pad specifically for growing plants so I used one I had in the closet.


Not all of my seeds germinated but the majority did well. Strawberry's did not work and I found out that many strawberry seeds need to be cold treated to encourage germination. I understand from my research that to achieve this simply wrap your strawberry seeds, put them in an airtight container, and place them in a freezer. This simulates winter conditions, and the warming period lets the seed know it is time to come to life. After keeping the strawberry seeds below freezing for two to four weeks, remove the seeds from the freezer. Leave them in the jar or container as they gradually warm up to room temperature. I have my seeds in the freezer now and I will be trying this in a week or so and I will keep you up to date on the progress.

I think I will also plant some of my seedlings in the ground to see the difference in size and progress.


Updates to come.