I purchased a aquarium heater for my tower garden to ensure that the temperature is at 65 F. It is still a bit cold here in Peachland and I do not want all my hard work getting my seedlings ready to end with them dying.


Just today I planted all my seedlings and the larger tomato seedlings look very sad. I hope that they recover. I have attached a picture.  ( Update overnight the tomato plants have recovered from the transplant and are looking good!!) The tower garden is located on an outside deck with sun for 8 to 10 hours a day  but is somewhat protected from the wind.


I planted, tomatoes (2 varieties and ground cherries which are small tomatoes). In addition I planted seranno peppers, spinach, thyme, basil, summer savoury and parsley. I want to plant strawberries but all my spots on the tower garden are full.....I will have to consider expanding upwards.


I ordered my support cage for the tomatoes and in the interim they are resting on empty containers.


Strawberry seeds are still in the freezer.....I will remove them next week and see if I can get them to germinate.


Happy gardening!!Tower garden 1.jpgtower garden 2.jpg