My plants are doing well despite the colder temperatures. The aquarium heater that I have in the tower garden is keeping the water at about 65 F although I have the heater set for 75 F.  I have been told that 65 is a good temperature. I did have a issue with water coming out of one of the outlets but it was because the garden was not level. Once I leveled it there was no water spillage.


I used the idea from " joed" and made DIY Seedling Shields. Thank you joed for the tips. I could not find the 7 oz cups so I used 9 oz cups but I had to adjust the cuts so that they fit the Tower Garden openings . The cuts look the same but the cuts are larger as the cups were larger. They are supporting the seedlings very well, even the larger tomato plant. I have not yet received my support cage but should have it next week.