Alright so its been about month since my last post and just wanted to say that there has been some learning!  We initially started our own seed and within a week the lettuce was ready to transplant.  Basil and several cucumber also germinated several days later.  Being super new to all of this, we were actually waiting to transplant the seedlings in hopes the others would "Catch up".  Needless to say, our first go at seedlings was a failure but we learned quite a bit from that experience.  Luckily, I mentioned to a friend of ours who is a farmer to get about 20 different types of seedlings started for us as an insurance policy in case ours failed to germinate.  On Monday December 7 he stopped by with his seedlings... and WOW.  His seedlings looked 100x better than ours had looked. So we transplanted his seedlings into our TG and so far so good!


Initially we used bottled water which was the most convenient and cost effective method at that moment.  The PH fluctuated in the first couple of days with it being a bit to alkaline.  We've maintained a PH that ranges from 6-7 and the plants seem to be loving it!


Oh! Almost forgot that when we first transplanted our couple seedlings into the TG we TOTALLY got the timers messed up.  We had water at 15mins off, 45 on.  Light timer at 15mins on 45 off.... rediculous!  We researched online on the tower garden website and actually came across a great article that mentioned the plants need AT LEAST 12 hours of light and AT LEAST 6 hours of darkness.  Currently we have ours set for 14 straight hours of light with the water timer at 15mins on, 45 mins off.  We like to have the lights start at around midnight and go all night.


For those who are wanting to store their TG in their living room, beware that the water pumping through can be annoying at first.  You'll get use to it.  Raeanne (my gf) and I have joked that we imagine its this beautiful waterfall decoration that will be feeding us for the rest of our lives!


One more thing... we live in a house that is a little bit older and in need of repairs.  As a result, the air quality hasn't been the greatest.  Since having the TG in the living room, it has COMPLETELY changed the dynamics of the air and often times I find myself taking in a massive deep breath of what seems to be "fresh air".  Amazing!


I hope this can help anyone new who is struggling or is unsure of themselves.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly!