As we set up our tower garden this fall, we decided to experiment with vinegar and water for cleaning the components of the machine.


We set up all of the tower, then loaded the water reservoir with 5 gallons of vinegar and water. Then we turned on the water pump and let the solution run through the machine for 24 hours. It was magic! All of the secret crevices, the net pot growing locations, the metal bars on the inside were all cleaned of the mineral deposits. It was so easy!


After it was all cleaned, we emptied the reservoir, dismantled the machine, rinsed everything with clean water. There was very minimal wiping/scrubbing compared with past year's cleaning. Now the tower is starting to grow the baby plants and in addition, in our 3rd year the machine looks brand new.


We are looking forward to another great year of sharing our Tower Garden with the students at Hermes Elementary School.


Lucy Hawke and Ann Marie Turner

Hermes Elementary School

Aurora, IL 60505