I received my first Tower Garden today, June 13, 2017.

All parts were received.


Tower Garden


Extension kit


Light Kit


Everything went together perfectly.

Tomorrow:  starting seedlings in rockwool

Various lettuce, chives, cilantro,


Tower is indoors.


Also indoors, but in dirt are:

19 strawberry plants - in 5 x 4 stacked container.


6 cucumbers,

2 eggplant,

2 peppers.

These are grown in vertical towers made from water bottles.


Comparing Aquaponics to indoor soil crops and outdoor soil crops.



3 tomatoes in grow buckets

1 yellow cherry tomatoes in grow bucket

2 cucumbers in hanging pots

1 cilantro in hanging pot

1 tomato and 1 pepper with marigold and other flower in large pot.