Status: June 17, 2017.

Water/nutrient mix is in place.

Pump works on timer, to top of 7 section extension.

pH looks good on test kit and litmus.

Seeds are in rockwool/vermiculite.

Just waiting for germination and 3" height.


Nutrient mix is 200 ml of A and B - for new plants.

All appears well.

I added 2 small red/blue diode arrays, so have:

- Tower Garden grow lights

- 1 horizontal red/blue array

- 1 downward red/blue array

- 1 diode lamp shining upward, with red diodes on.

Will it be enough light for indoor growth?

Or will I have a "brown thumb"?

Timer is set for 16 hr - 5am-9pm for tubes and arrays.

Lamp is on 24 hr.