All 28 slots are now filled.

Lettuce is growing like mad! Two eggplants are 2nd in size to the 12 lettuce slots.

Peppers seem to be emerging the slowest. Two of 28 cubes did not germinate so I reseeded with Cilantro, which both came up and are emplaced.

Basil is growing, slowly, but slightly better than peppers.


Added water & nutrients twice in 13 days. Added 3 gal today with nutrients at full strength. So 17 gal at half strength, 3 a full strength, slowly coming to full strength.

How do I measure? By stick. I marked a dowel at the cover level, and 3" below as 100%, then marked inches and 25% lines.

Since I'm new at this, I do stick checks and pH checks each morning, and record the results.


It has been quite simple and everything is going GREAT!