27 days since seeds placed for germination.

Lettuce is getting big.

Some basil is growing slowly, but others are ok, all basil is slower than lettuce.

Peppers and Cilantro growing steadily.

Got a spurt on Eggplant over a single day. Will pH changes do that? Had two days where pH was a little more acidic (5.6-5.7).

All seems well.

Lights seem to be working well.

Using about 1 gal of water per day.

Air temperature is 72-76F in morning, 86F (max) in afternoon. National Wx Svc would say Ave was 80F.


Saw on-line criticism about crystallization from spray at edge of slots.

At 27 days there was just a little here and there. It is easily wiped away with

a wet cloth. Does not seem to be a real problem.