I've been out of town a few days, last night I studied the plants and if growth was occurring.


I was very pleased. All plans are firm and standing on there own.   I remember reading somewhere that when the leaves are really deep green and tightly grouped, the plant is doing well both nutrients and light source.  Looking for someone to confirm or contradict that for me for I don't know where I read that.


The plants I put in my TG were seedlings, so I had to wash off all the dirt and I know I wouldn't have done well if half my limbs were yanked off and disturbed.  It looks like they're recovering from all that nicely.


The watering interval as suggested by Joe on an earlier question, 1 minute on 5 minutes off is working quite well.  I can feel more sure inside every hole.


Additionally somewhere I read just recently indicated using LED grow lights, you should water glass, I'll take that into consideration later but not for right now, being too new at this I don't want to challenge myself with too many variables.  It additionally spoke about using less nutrients and again this might come later.


But to the point at hand, new leaves are starting to sprout they are deep green and not reaching for the sky their nicely clustered.


I'm loving this already :-)