Hello Everyone,


I am excited to share with you what is going on with the Boys and Girls Club Tower Garden located in Little Village near Chicago.

As I write this, we are at the end of September and the tower garden has finished the summer growing season.


The kids were able to eat the cucumbers, lettuces, and tomatoes.  They learned 4 lessons as well over the summer.

We decided to harvest what is still on the tower and get the tower ready for the winter season.


As you can see, all the kids participated in cleaning the tower.  It was a fun activity for them to help out.

We then started new seedlings and everyone enjoyed this part.


The reason they did, was because they got to experience what the seeds liked like and it felt empowering to plant something.

We ended the day with new seedlings, a new and clean tower garden for the winter, and smiles all around.


Here are the pictures: