#1. Can you design a place in the Tower Garden to let the water flow out easily when we empty it. I bought a clear tube kit at HomeDepot to help pump the water out easier than the clear long tube the Tower actually came with. The tube the Tower came with I can never get to work right and honestly it's a real pain to work with. I know you can come up with a better solution. It's especially hard to empty in doors. There needs to be a set water flow out spot.


#2. The lid where you fill the Tower should be made better and not just sit flat, but actually fit tightly, but also be removable or better designed. It's a very flimsy design for a lid as of now.

#3. We have to purchase a RV water filter attachment for our hoses to fill the Tower with clean filtered water. Tower Garden should sell these filters with the kit and available to purchase so we don't have to send our clients to places like Amazon for example to order them. We should keep the money flowing back in the Tower business for things that are needed. Have a manufacturer make them with your logo on them.

#4. Tower Garden should sell a bug kit, or mixture, so we don't have to buy them from other places. That helps our sales too. A booklet explaining what to do for bugs should also come with the Tower Garden.

#5. The Tomato Cage needs to be designed stronger and better. I reinforced mine with wider white tubing myself and made it sturdier. The tubing used now for the tomato cage is too skinny, not strong enough.

#6. Tower Garden needs to sell Vermiculite so clients can add it to their orders.

#7. The black plastic grow tray with attached unneeded lid that comes with the Tower, no good and a waist. Instead PLEASE design a white seedling growing tray (no lid) made strong for reuse and add the Tower Garden logo on it. That way when we show others our seedlings or in videos, they see a much better presentation and see the Logo.


Thank You!

Sanura Moon