Today I started all my seeds. Come to find out I read the seeding instructions wrong and hope it will be ok. I forgot to rinse the rockwells after soaking it in the nutrient solution for 30 minutes. I realized my mistake after all 84 rockwells were seeded covered and 1/4 inch of nutrient water was pored in bottom of seed tray. I pray this does not hurt my seeds but i didn't want to just throw it out and decided to see how it goes for the next week. Below is a list of what was seeded today.


chives x2.                                                          Cilantro x2                                                             Strawberry x4

red Chinese chard x1.                                       Oregano X1.                                                          Rosemarry X1

green Chinese chard x1.                                   Parsley X1.                                                            Basil X1                             

celery 2.                                                            Salad burnette x2.                                                 Arugula x2

Red kale x2.                                                     Collard greens x2.                                                 Iceberg lettuce x4

Gourmet lettuce x4.                                         Black leaf lettuce x4.                                            Banana pepper x4

Bell pepper x4.                                                 Oakra x2.                                                              Mustard greens x2

lima bean x2.                                                    Green beans x2.                                                   Brussels spouts x2

Brocoli x2.                                                        Chili pepper x2.                                                    Hot mix pepper x2

Cherry tomato x4.                                            Eggplant x2.                                                         Summer squash x2

cucmber x4                                                      Beefstake tomatoes x4.                                       Cantaloupe x4

Red sugar watermelon x2.                               Orange watermelon x2