image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegwell it only took seven days and all seeds have sprouts other than my peppers. Out of 12 pepper plants planted (3 diff varieties) only one has sprouted. So since everything else has pretty much sprouted I decided to go ahead and put them all in the tower garden today.  So I spent my morning labeling all 84 ports and placing the rockwells into there spots . Took a cpl hrs as I decided to use a label maker and be all fancy with it. All in all I'm very pleased that only a week later and everything looks good. I will need to go back in another week and thin out some things as certain plants such as my tomatoes and cucumbers actually have 3 or 4 plants growing in same Rockwell. Seeds took very good on most things. I'm thinking off just buying a bunch of pots and soil and transplanting the rest of the seedlings as it seems such a waste to just toss a good seedling... Will keep you updated if I choose to go that route. Here is a few pictures of my family garden. All were started from seeds other than the 4 strawberry plants.... All comments concerns ours suggestions is greatly appreciated.