Annapolis Light House Prevention & Support Center (a homeless shelter)    Money was raised last May and 8 tower gardens showed up at the Light House Shelter.  We had six outdoors and two indoors.   The residents helped put them together and gradually are helping add water, harvest and more with encouragement.  When I walk in I often wil see someone just listening, just praying, just admiring the towers, and I'm told they're the highlight of every tour!   We will have 3 in our new Light House Bistro that wil open the end of January as well, though they may wait until April if we don't raise the money for a small greenhouse to protect them.    It's been humbling, it's been fun, and it's been a real learning experience as I am so NOT a gardener as everyone seems to think I am!   When you see a little girl eat her first strawberries, and other asks if they need to be washed it touches your heart.  We also are soon to get one in our mental health day facility, Arundel Lodge where another 50-100 people are fed.    IMG_8462.JPGIMG_8681.JPGIMG_8679.JPGIMG_0364.JPGIMG_0927.JPGIMG_1074.JPGIMG_1100.JPGIMG_2129.JPGIMG_2139.JPGIMG_2850.JPGIMG_2851.JPGIMG_3609.JPGIMG_3339.JPGIMG_3701.JPGIMG_4012.JPGIMG_8677.JPG