Greetings and welcome to a place to develop and nurture your HEALthy Life Synergy!  I look forward to sharing with you a brand new journey for me in the aeroponic field.  I never dreamed it would be so viable for me to begin this learning curve so that I can pass along the tools and techniques to help our family, friends, schools, communities and centres learn that gardening is productive no matter if your were ever gifted a green thumb!  I am not sure that I was gifted it...  ever...  If ever I thought I could do growing, I would find I was a product for plant starvation, and then perhaps I would love it too much!  Extremes are something our plants can live better without! 


Thankfully I do best with the traditional back yard garden.  I own my own farm with 23 years experience, and feel very fortunate to have a tremendously rich plot on which to "go a little crazy" since I love to try varieties that are heirloom quality, but also branch out with a few hybrids bearing choice produce. I love to share my garden produce with many family and friends, and friends of family.  I also set aside a portion for our local food bank several times per year.  I envision growing 3 towers just for out reach in our community.


Now that our harvest has come to a close, we will make room in our cozy abode to welcome our Juice Plus+ Tower Garden.  I dream of having our tower set up among our living space.  I am hopeful I will not struggle too much with how bright the lights will be.  I plan to pick up a screen if I need, to help shield the lighting and I know I will want to deflect the light as much as possible, however I do not want to take away from the beauty of having the tower garden in our home.  I will ensure I have a big enough protective mat for our floor, just to ensure we are well looked after.  I have ordered everything I need from Juice Plus+ today!  I just hope I can come up with the seeds that I want to grow my first indoor garden.  I do have plenty as I made the exuberant decision to bring a bunch home from Urban Farms who was set up at the Nashville Convention October 14-17, 2015. 


It is fabulous we get a variety of seeds with the Tower Garden kit.  My winter wish list ramble is as such, but may not happen as it is off the top of my head:  3 lettuce varieties minimum, parsley, Basil, Chives, peppermint (I must trim the roots once per week), swiss chard, celery, cauliflower, kale, dill, broccoli, spinach, cilantro, Lavender and cabbage.  Am I challenging myself with so much variety?  Perhaps...  We shall see what I can actually get my hands on as I seek out seeds this week as my order is preparing to ship!  I do hope to keep my plants dense and trimmed close to the tower to aid in production with the indoor grow lights I will need in my northern Alberta Climate.  It was quite suiting that today was born from an eve of our first gentle snowfall...  Gathering to form a clean blanket over the ground and line every branch outside in nature which stands, bows bending in praise for everything we need to be provided.  The moisture certainly was a most welcomed gift!