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    Celery plant causing water to run out of Tower Garden.  Help?

      Restarted my Tower Garden indoors (after cleaning) following a summer outside.  My celery and parsley were so nice that I put them back into the tower along with new seedlings of lettuces, etc.  Now, almost a month later, the celery has REALLY thrived and looks great. But, when the water circulates, instead of staying inside the tower, it is running out over the top of the plant base in the cup.  I have a towel on top of the tank which I change out every day, but we are going to be gone for several days so I will have a watery mess when we return.   Is it time to use up all the celery and plant a new plant or can I do something to the plant base in the black basket to make the water go where it is supposed to?  Thanks!