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    Grant Writing, good grants for inner city schools

      Anyone have any experience or resources for grant writing for inner city schools to receive funding for Tower Gardens in already established gardening programs that co-op with a university? Looking for grants ~$20.000+

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          I wrote a grant for our towers through Whole Food Kid's Foundation.  It was a smaller $2000 grant for an elementary.  We did receive the grant, and are now waiting for funds.  Our team just searched the web for opportunities.  There are many out there.  Look for the one that fits your criteria, and of course matches the dollar amount you are looking for.  This was the first grant I had ever written!   I did have others help critique my grant, so make sure you find someone who has written grants, because it is a bit of an "art" from what I understand.  Also, contact your health insurance.  Ours had a grant opportunity, but we missed the original deadline.  Watch for individual donors, community groups, any local master gardeners.  They may be interested in assisting as well. 

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