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    Brown slime in tower

      Hello, I have had my tower running for 3 weeks now. Over the last week it's started to produce a brown slime film within the base and down th tower. It easily wipes off. My question is; should I just continue to top up my tower? Or would you suggest I clean it out and start with new water. I used natural spring water from a town source (no chemicals, softening or hardness) and then I top it up with reverse osmosis water when needed. Thanks in advance for any information.

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          Hi redneckvettech, Any chance you can post a few pics of the inside and outside of your TG showing the brown slime? This sounds like it could be pythium (a.k.a. root rot). However, it is difficult to say for sure without photos. Also, what is the condition of your plant roots? Are they also covered in brown slime? Lastly, what is the temperature of your nutrient solution?

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