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    First Time Tower Garden


      I am a first time tower garden user.  I have planted all green vegetables and herbs.  I have a summer room.  Things are growing nicely.  Now my bok choy is ready to be harvested it is getting burned by the growing lights.  Since this tower garden is indoors greens were suggested.  My question is when I cut my bok choy, how much do I cut back and will it continue to grow when I cut it?

      Thank you for any help!

      Laura Mayfield@

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          Hi lmayfield2, With the TG, you should practice "Harvest on Demand" (take only what you need from the plant, when you need it). With most leafy greens, that means you pick from the oldest, outermost leaves first and only take the leaves you need. The plant will continue to produce until it ultimately begins to bolt (a.k.a. go to seed / flower).

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