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    Grant for Tower in School?

      My son's kindergarten class would LOVE a tower garden to use for the school year.  This is my third child with this particular teacher and she has been using pictures of my personal tower along with videos I've sent her on the smart board with her students last year (another of my son's was in her class).  I asked her if she'd be interested in having one in her class this year and she JUMPED!  She's already gotten approval from admin and secured a location so that not only her class but each of the other kinder classes might use it too!  I would LOVE to see something develop from this for the STEM program at our school but I need funding...how do I do this?  Please help!! I'm eager and so is this sweet teacher Thanks!! Carrie

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          We have collected resources in the Growing Young Minds section in "Places".  I would post your questions there or maybe kym will move this post there.  There are a few folks on here that have gone through the process already and can provide you input. 

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            There is a private Facebook page where other Tower Gardeners share grants that are available for school gardens. There are many that are locally based, so you may want to look into local foundations, businesses, or organizations who might like to sponsor one for your child's school.


            Good luck!

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